JoJo's Fundraising

When you think fundraising, think JoJo's Pizza & Pasta for your organization or school event. With our ample dinning room, talented staff and delicious Italian food, we are sure to make your fundraiser successful and have people coming back for more! We are available to host fundraisers Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. Your organization will receive a 10% kickback from the total receipts of fundraiser tickets.
We have other opportunities available such Fundraising cards, Sub Sales and more. If you would like more information or to schedule a date, call (717)766-8292 and ask for a Manager. You will need to download the attached fundraiser form and make copies to handout to ALL who will attend. A fundraiser form must be given to counter person upon payment of food on the day of the fundraiser, to obtain a total of sales for the 10% kickback.

Make it a JoJo's Day!

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